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September 19, 2010

gReaT mOmenT wiTh mY fRiendS

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go back to kelantan at 5.9.2010 at 9 p.m..
arrived  there on 6.9.2010 at 6.15 a.m..
my lovely person had fetch me at bus station..

this evening,my friends have a plan to ‘buka puasa’ together..
i though that only fatima,yuhanis,wawa and me..
but i was wrong..
because about 17 person including me had attend this..
really happy because we were not meet each other for a long time..
hope,we can gathered like this day for the next time..


bAcK to uKm

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cuti 2 minggu..tapi rase mcm kejap je..
dah kena balik ukm..
rndu kat family tak abes lagi.. 😦

life as a student at ukm..
busy with assingment and preparation for final exam..
hopefully,i can do the best for the exam..
to all my friends,hope you all success in your final..

September 5, 2010

hAti riNdu kAt faMiLy (mo0d:rAyE)

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all my friends already at their home..
i’m still sad..i want to back home too..
miss my family and siblings..
every morning,when i woke up..feel so sad..
especially when friend sent me a message said that she already arrived at terengganu..

everyday,my mum call..asked me when i want to back home..
she missed me..

mum,wait for me..5.9 at 9.00 pm your daughter will leave ukm,bangi..

i missed my naughty nieces and nephew too..!!
hope to see them when i at home..!!
miss u all..!!

wEeK 10: reFleKSi miNgGu SeBelUm raYe

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Hari ini kira2nya kita melaksanakan kelas ganti untuk membolehkan cuti hari raya dipanjangkan seminggu sebelum dan seminggu selepas raya. Next kelas: 27.9.2010 dan 4.10.2010 MS Access; 11.10.2010 dan 18.10.2010 SPSS Jika projek MS Access dapat diselesaikan dalam minggu yang sama sebelum 4.10.2010, saya akan masuk pada 4.10.2010 untuk kita mulakan projek SPSS seminggu awal supaya 18.10.2010 boleh dimanfaatkan untuk persediaan ulangkaji peperiksaan akhir. Berbalik kepada tugasan Blog kita yang bernilai 10% daripada keseluruhan markah kursus, berikut adalah kriteria pemarkahan yang ditetapkan perlu ada selain perkara-perkara lain mengikut kreativiti masing-masing:

1. Page – ABOUT mengenai diri anda keluarga atau kumpulan

2. Weekly Posting atau mengikut Refleksi Projek – sekurang-kurangnya 7 refleksi/posting

3. mengkategorikan post yang telah di buat kepada beberapa kategori..contohnya:

asSinGmenT wEek 9: MS exCeL

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we need to key in student’s mark..
about 20 students for 5 subject..
need to count their marks,gred,average and so on..!!
but we cannot count it using cakculator..but we need to use formula..interesting..

we also need to make a graph about this result..

aSsiNgmEnt wEeK 7 & 8: pOwEr pOinT

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for this week,dr rosseni want us to create power is as a preparation for us when we need to teach our student using power point..

this is really useful for us..
i have done my power point about chemistry..
interesting..!!i can make animation in this slide..

in this power point,we need to:

~ have about 15 slide
~ have slide transition/animation
~ have picture or video

and so on..!!

pr0jEcT 3(asSinGmeNt wEEk 5 & 6): bRocHurE

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we need to create a brochure..interesting..!!but quite tough because i dont have any idea about it..
that why, my friends and i need to do it properly..try to do our best..hehe
miss aidah asked us to create a brochure on how to find any information in GEMILANG..

in this brochure we need to do print screen..we need to copy and paste page from GEMILANG..

before this,i didn’t know how to print screen..i got new knowledge..!!

thanks to miss aidah and dr.rosseni..

September 4, 2010

aSsiNgmEnT wEeK 4 : fiNd CriTicAl rEviEw

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for this week we were teech by miss this lesson,we need to find critical review..miss aidah asked us to find any article and get critical review from that article..before this,we need to form group..each group have three or two member’s group is aini kamarudin..we can cooperate..we try to do our best..

for our group,we need to find about ANALYSING INFORMATION..we found very interesting article..

the critical review about this article is…………



  • · Give the title of the article and name of the author(s) and provide a full citation of the article. Identify the writer by profession or importance:  Hoover, Clara. 2005. We Don’t Have to Learn Anything; We Just Have to Find the Answer. School Library Media Activities Monthly, Vol.22, Iss 2, pg 26, 3 pgs.( This is an easy task to understand because we can analyze the information directly.)
  • Identify the purpose of the article:  To guide student to find the  information themselves.  (This is the effective way  for us to get the correct information from the task)
  • Tell what the research question is and explain why it is interesting and important. Give your overall impression: Why students should be guided through the process of gathering information and find the answers themselves? ( For us, to get the information is not easy without a guide from an experience’s person.)

Body (Analysis)

  • Briefly describe the methods, design of the study, how many subjects were involved, what they did, the variables, what was measured, and where the research was conducted: based on the researcher experience with a colleague whom searching about  U. S. Supreme Court Chief Justice . They meet when the colleague wants to search information in the library. (not all researcher use they own experience as  the source of research, sometimes the  research are not 100% can believeable)
  • Describe the results / what was found : the researcher  found that the students or colleague  are more satisfy  with information that they get(students nowadays are like to copy and paste the information from internet without  reading the information first)
  • Write an analytical summary of the main findings, arguments, or conclusions of the article / study. : the researcher  wants to know how to make the students  more understands with their information and help students focus on the process and not just the answer are asking essential questions and having students self-reflect on their learning.  ( the students hardly to read the information that they get and prefer internet as their reference without finding other reference such as books)
  • Discuss the strengths and usefulness of the article / study :  can find the way to makes  the colleague to get information  to other  reference (they think internet are easy to copy and paste to their assignments)
  • Discuss the weaknesses, limitations, or problems of the article / study. :  the colleague cannot accept the effective or the best way to get information except internet (they think internet are easy to copy and paste to their assignments)
  • Discuss what you learned from the article and if you recommend it to other students: from this article we have learned how to gathered the information  and compare the results that we got from any sources. We cannot just take in as a answer for the question without refer the others sources. This is because not all information we get are the answer for our question. I think this article is suitable to all students and I recommend them to read it. ( We have learned many steps to find the information from this article.0
  • Support your analysis with quotations and/or specific examples throughout. :   A few years ago, prior to having Internet access in tour library media center, a student needed to find the name of the current U. S. Supreme Court Chief Justice. I suggested the girl look in an almanac and showed her where the almanacs were located. She brought one to me but had no clue about how to use it. I told her to start with the index. She was flustered. I said, “I could tell you who the person is or I could find the answer for you, but then you wouldn’t learn anything.” She responded, “We don’t have to learn anything; we just have to find the answer.” ( I believe this is the most important part to strength our  project)


  • Summarize the previous discussion.: the researcher find out the students don’t want to know the information but the answer. then he think they want to explore and get the the solution to makes students more understands with their asignment( based on the experience, the result are answered the purpose of reseach)
  • Make a final judgement on the value of the article:  As a student we need to collaborate on learning experiences that focus on essential questions and are conducted in an environment that fosters reflection throughout the process and requires students to self-assess at the end, then students should no longer be saying, “We don’t have to learn anything; we just have to find the answer.” ( It is easy for us to make a final judgement because the article is easy to understand.)
  • State what you learned from the article: From the article, we have learned how to find an effective article and we cannot find the answer only but we need to construct ours answer and make meaning from the information that we gathered. (Many of things that we have learned from this article because we do not know about it before this.)
  • · Comment on the future or implications of the research: In this research, it is showed thet  students always satisfied with accepting their first Internet hit without comparing information and validating sources. Besides that, the most important thing that they want to know is the answer for the question only.

after finished it,we need to send this assingment to miss aidah at

pr0JeCt 2(asSinGmeNt wEeK 3 & 4: SeArCh inFormaTiOn & sUmmarizE

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For this project,we need to search internet to get information that we lecturer asked me to find about NETIQUETTE..
before this,honestly i don’t know about netiquette..thanked to pn rosseni because asked me to do this assingment..i got new is very useful to me..

maybe some of us do not know what is netiquette..
so, i want to share this information here..hopefully it can help all of you..

NeTiQuEttE iS………

Netiquette is the fusing of the words Network and Etiquette. They apply to all aspects of your wheeling and dealing on the Internet, whether it be the content of your website, an email, or chat room banter. Much of it is common sense, but there are some elements of it that are borne out of the medium we’re communicating through (that would be text).

The main rule to stick by is:

  • treat people like you would want to be treated.

You have to be polite and considerate to anyone you meet. Always consider whether your comment may be appropriate, and whether it could cause hurt feelings. Be careful about how your words come across (misunderstandings can be common). Without a tone of voice, unless you’re a great writer, a sarcastic or otherwise harmless comment can often come off the wrong way. Use emoticons to show your tone.A nasty comment or critical email can ruin someone’s day.

  • take a while to familiarise yourself with the rules that may apply.

When writing for a web site the concept of ‘audience’ becomes even more important. If you’re going for a broad range of visitors then you pretty much have to keep all the swearing, blasphemy and secret hatreds to yourself. If, you decide to aim for a more focused group of people like teenagers, then you can relax on some of this (well, the swearing at any rate) and give people — and yourself — a little more freedom.

  • Everybody should be aware of is that writing IN CAPITALS MAKES IT LOOK LIKE YOU’RE SHOUTING.

You’ll often hear people asking others to “lay off the caps”, and for good reason. Shouting makes you look like an idiot. Don’t type more than a few consecutive words in capitals. If you want to emphasise something, use the wealth of HTML options available to you. If those aren’t available, stick some *stars* around your text. There’s always an alternative.

  • Typos and grammatical errors are largely unavoidable.

When writing for your website, these should always be eradicated using a spell-checker and, if possible, a manual check to find anything that your spell-checker didn’t. There’s no excuse for sending out a poorly-written page, as it wastes people’s often valuable online time. In the cut-and-thrust world of the chat room where retorts have to be flung out as fast as possible you’re not always able to catch mistakes before they happen


HTML Utopia: Designing Without Tables: Using CSS
SitePoint, 2003
DHTML Utopia: Modern Web Design using JavaScript & DOM
SitePoint, 2005
Programming Perl
O’Reilly, 2000
Fundamental Web Design and Development Skills
Glasshaus, 2002
Designing Websites for Every Audience
HOW Design Books, 2003

Pr0Jek 1: aBout woRdpress

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for the first week, my lecturer pn rosseni tough me about wordpress(blog)..before this,i’m only know about blogspot..
in wordpress,we can arrange our post is not same like wordpress,we can make folder..for example,about our family,friends,subject and so, i want to suggest to all my friends to register wordpress..!!wordpress is a exciting is differ to the other blog..!!

in this week n the next week,we to do this activities:

Kandungan Minggu 1 & 2:

-Pembahagian Kumpulan dan Pengenalan Kursus
-Penggunaan dan pendaftaran
2. Emel & Egroup
3. Blog
4. Facebook
5. Penglibatan dalam forum di SPIN, Egroup, Facebook atau
Blog Kursus

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